The Cannonball Rally Challenge

A series of rally roadbook navigation and driving challenges

What is a Cannonball Rally Challenge?

  • A series of four routes which include lesser used back roads
  • 100% tarmac
  • Navigation is by the dedicated Rally Roadbook app (Android)
  • Take part when you want to, within a three month window
  • Do it on your own or with a group of friends
  • It is a navigation and driving challenge – NOT A SPEED EVENT

How does it work?

  • Go to the start point for the roadbook, as shown in the app.
  • Navigate the route accurately
  • Hit all the waypoints – you will get an alert in the app
  • Keep to speed limits in specific speed zones
  • The GPS tracking system allows us to calculate your score.
  • Go to the leader board and see how you compare to the other participants.

Get a zero score for all the routes in the “Challenge” and receive a “ZERO HERO” trophy.

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