How Events Work

All our Cannonball Rally Challenge events are based on navigation not speed.

All you need to take part is …

  • A sense of adventure
  • A road legal car or motorcycle
  • Be a Cannonball UK member
  • Our dedicated digital roadbook app (Android)
  • The fundementals of roadbook navigation –  “Quick Guide to Roadbook Navigation”


All Cannonball Rally Challenge events are run using a dedicated digital roadbook app (Android only).

Drivers and navigators start the event from a predetermined start point set by the organisers.

The route consists mainly of A and B roads and is approx 100 miles in length, with opportunities for stops and breaks.

Each “challenge” consists of 4 roadbook routes

The route is navigated by participants, following the roadbook instructions.

The challenge is to navigate the route correctly and to “hit” all the waypoints along the route. You will receive an alert in the app when you have “hit” the waypoint.

You will need to adhere to speed limits in speed zones and keep to an overall speed restriction on the course.

There are penalty points for missing way points and overspeed.

Along the route you can enjoy the view, stop at cafes and take comfort breaks.

The object of the Cannonball Rally Challenge is to have the “zero” of penalty points.

All the points will be posted on an online league table for you to see how you scored and to compare with other participants scores.

Participants that score Zero penalty points over all the routes of the challenge will be presented a “Zero Hero” trophy.

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