The Penalty Points Explained

All the Cannonball Rally Challenges use the same penalty point structure. The object of the challenge is to score zero points and become a “Zero Hero”.

To score your run we use the RallyMoto Precision GPS tracking system, where we can see navigation errors, overspeed alerts and calculate average time penalties.

At all Multi Car attend on the day events we will do our best to to post results at the event for all drivers and navigators.

Penalty Points


Navigation Error up to 5m 1 point
Navigation Error up to 30m 3 points
Navigation Error over 30m 5 points
Overspeed on course 5 points
Overspeed in zone 15 points per instance
Early arrival on Average Speed Stage 15 points
Within 60 secs of target time 0 points
Late arrival on Average Speed Stage 1 point per minute late